Vacation Ideas

For me, the best part of a vacation in Pavones is soaking up the pura vida philosophy, the best cure for our American workaholic way of life. It may take you a day or two to feel your stress dissolving, replaced by peace, awe, and gratitude for this beautiful Earth. By then, you'll be ready for some fun.

  • Horseback ride along the beach or through the jungle to visit large waterfalls and swimming holes.
  • Hike through pristine jungle and learn about the flora and fauna with expert local guides.
  • Surf the world-famous left-breaking wave, or take lessons from champion surfers. Or boogie-board. Much of the beach is rocky, but we take you to safe swimming and boogie-boarding beaches.
  • Canoe through the mangrove and see crocodiles.
  • Volunteer with Pretoma to protect the turtles as they lay their eggs in the beach. You'll have to get up really early, but you'll never forget the experience.
  • Go deep-sea fishing with local Costa Rican fisherman in their own boats, not in big commercial speedboats that charge you a fortune.
  • If you don't like fishing, go on a boat trip anyway to see porpoises jumping, swordfish bills sticking up out of the water, shark fins (not too close!), flying fish, and sometimes, humpback whales, who visit the Golfo Dulce because it is so deep.
  • Wade up through the cool, crystal clear waters of the Rio Claro to a waterfall and deep swimming hole, where monkeys watch you from overhead.
  • Take a hike along the beach to a cliffside home deep in the indigenous reserve where you can enjoy authentic Italian pizza baked in a hand-made pizza oven and glory in the incredible view. Walk a little further to visit the Guaymi village, where you can see their unique crafts being made and purchase souvenirs of your trip.
  • There are several excellent places in Pavones for yoga and massage. We can make the connections for you.
  • Take an hour boat ride across the Golfo Dulce to the protected Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula, where you can see troups of spider monkeys swinging through the trees, as well as large groups of coatimundi, family groups of scarlet macaws, and, if you are lucky, a tapir or puma, ocelot, or jaguar (more likely, their tracks). We know some of the best guides on the Osa, and the accomodations with the most bang-for-the-buck.

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