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Welcome to Pavones Ecotours!

What makes Pavones Ecotours unique is location and service. We listen to you and design a custom vacation, not a canned tour. Our secret weapon is location: the literal end of the road in southwestern Costa Rica. If you wish to go further south, we would love to arrange it ... on foot or horseback! We are headquartered in the village of Pavones, a truly special place on Earth. Surfers come from all over the world for the ride of their lives on what is probably the longest left-breaking wave. This tiny fishing village has remained unspoiled, though, mainly because it's hard to get to, but also because of the people who live here—they want to keep it that way.

“Pavones” refers to both the Playa Rio Claro de Pavones and Punta Banco, two tiny villages about five miles apart on the lovely palm-lined Pacific coast.

Pavones lies at the entrance to the deep, clean Golfo Dulce, so look right and see the gulf with the Osa Peninsula on the other side, look left out into the Pacific. You get the best of both.

There is something special about being in a tiny village at the end of the road and meeting people from all over world. It's a cultural melting pot, and people visit here because they love the outdoors and they love nature.

Pavones got electricity in 1997. Telephone lines had to wait until 2008. It's a little rustic, a little Wild-West, with lots of character and authentic "pura vida" lifestyles. Pura vida means pure life or real life and it is infectious and invigorating. You can be sitting in an open-air cafe, enjoying fresh fish and a cool beer and watch a band of horses walk by on the beach.

The efforts of dedicated ecologists and nature lovers have kept the Pavones region from falling victim to the overdevelopment that has taken place in other regions in Costa Rica. A primary example is Peter Aspinall, whose lifelong love for the flora and fauna of the region prompted him to purchase, protect, and develop Tiskita—800 or more acres of prime animal habitat, including a botanical garden and a jungle lodge. Because of the protection Aspinall has provided, Tiskita has become a safe haven for wildlife that overflows into the surrounding area. Peter has spearheaded successful turtle-saving and macaw reintroduction efforts, and provided education and employment for local indigenous people.

National Geographic has called the Golfo Dulce region the most intensive biosphere—home to the greatest variety of plants and animals—in the world.

A Pavones ecotour is more than a vacation, it's a chance for both you and me to help save the local rainforest. I would love to share my passion for nature with you through a day-trip to my Finca Mono de Cuervito nature preserve, a pristine rainforest in an area threatened by overdevelopment, logging, and cattle ranching. Your ecotour makes you part of the solution, treading lightly and helping the local economy while having the time of your life.

You will not get a package tour. I will ask you about your interests and preferences and give you options. You tell me what you want, and I'll make sure you have the experience of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful, and unspoiled, places on Earth.

Most sincerely,

William Patterson.

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