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Tree Tip:

Primary rainforest is necessary for the preservation of many species, but particularly for howler and spider monkeys. They require large undeveloped tracts of old-growth jungle.

MMTW in Costa Rica


We don't just take trees down. We work to keep them up.

William's latest project is the purchase of one hundred acres of rainforest in southwestern Costa Rica to protect habitat for capuchin, howler, and titi monkeys, other animals including macaws, and of course, to save the trees that sustain them all. His long-term goals include the addition of more land to the reserve to serve as a migratory corridor to the Punta Burica region, and eventually the reintroduction of spider monkeys.

The preserve contains both primary and secondary forest. Secondary forest actually contains more fruit trees than primary, thus providing a welcome source of food, but animals need the primary forest for protection from man and other predators.

William is more than happy to talk to interested people about how they can join the conservation effort on the front lines in southwestern Costa Rica. There are probably only thirty spider monkeys left there. It's not too late to make a difference. Contact William for more information.