Amigos de los Monos

Fundraiser for Ngäbe Schools

Kimberly Nickoson, a freelance photographer, visited the site in October 2005. She joined Daniel Hurley, who was studying at the site with some Guaymí families for his undergraduate degree through Prescott College. He conducted his senior project at the site in order to complete his double major in Latin American studies and Adventure Education. During their three-week stay in the indigenous reserve, the pair lived with indigenous families. While Dan was assessing the feasibility of eco-tourism in the Río Coco valley, Kimberly was taking photos of the family members with which they were staying. While there they were approached to help complete a school for the community.

Kimberly took the initiative to start a fundraising campaign with the sales of the photos that she took, in addition to stunning coffee table books produced with the photos. She had two shows in the Pendleton Arts Center where she raised funds to contribute to the school.

original school The original school building.
school construction The new school under construction.
children at school Two children climbing the steps of the new school.
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