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Pictures of monkeys by Katie Cahn
II Symposium of Costa Rican Primates: National Strategy for their Conservation
Jane Goodall visits Costa Rica
Wanted: A Forest Full of Spider Monkeys and the Volunteers to Make it Happen!
Tico Times: Monkey Populations Shrinking Fast
Partnership with COVIRENA
New Approach to Conservation
Fundraiser Held for Ngäbe Schools

Our Mission

The mission of Amigos de los Monos is to ensure the longevity and health of the monkey populations of the Burica Peninsula of Costa Rica. By using the endangered spider monkeys as flagship species and community conservation strategies, we seek to unite the multicultural community of the Burica Peninsula to achieve this goal in a socially sustainable manner.

Spotlight on Volunteer Opportunities

In June, 2007, Prescott College senior Renee Brechter volunteered her help to Amigos de los Monos. The following is from the introduction to her final report:

“During June 2007, I was fortunate to travel to the southwestern peninsula of Costa Rica as a volunteer for Amigos de los Monos. Amigos de los Monos (Friends of the Monkeys) is a conservation project working toward uniting the multicultural community of the Burica Peninsula to aid in primate conservation work. I was living within the Rio Coco community of the Conte Burica Ngäbe (locally known as Guaymí) Indigenous Territory working with the local Guaymí people. While there I was exposed to the local culture, the physical hardship of working in the jungle, and the incredible exposure to four different types of monkeys. I worked during the day with a Guaymí guide who walked me through the jungle looking for spider monkeys. My job was to record the number, sex, and location of the monkeys. I focused on spider monkeys because they are the most locally threatened species out of the four inhabiting the forest. While there, I spent my time with the organization director, Kathryn Mann, and brainstormed about the current state of Amigos de los Monos and its future. She offered me the opportunity to make the organization more publicly known and accessible for further volunteer work, research and possible classes. I am using my experience there and applying it toward a plan to develop Amigos de los Monos through financial and voluntary support. In this report, I give a brief ecological and cultural background of the area, introduce the project and its current status, and discuss the opportunities for further work in addition to related logistics.”

Download Renee's fascinating report (PDF file, 250KB)
See Wanted: A Forest Full of Spider Monkeys and the Volunteers to Make it Happen!
a road through the jungle

The Race is On: Development Coming to Area

The region around Pavones (the town north of Punta Banco, which is the town nearest the ADLM project area) has been developing slowly compared to other coastal towns of Costa Rica, however, it looks as if that is changing.

Tico Times staff writer Dave Sherwood reported on the negative environmental pressures Costa Rica is bound to face (Jan, 2006). Issues pertinent to Amigos de los Monos activity include difficulties enforcing laws, illegal developments, and polluted water supplies. The first two problems can be ameliorated by COVIRENA vigilance activity and the assistance in securing communication equipment to aid in denunciating illegal activity in a more efficient manner. Before development pressures become overwhelming and destructive in this region, it is important to work with local communities to plan for controlled, sustainable, and legal development. Sherwood's article also mentions the necessity of local community action groups to organize to counteract desctructive development.

Some local people have already approached ADLM Director Katie Mann for assistance in petitioning to protect a certain municipal area as habitat for wildlife including the endangered scarlet macaws and squirrel monkeys.

Photo: A brand new road through the jungle near Pavones.

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