Amigos de los Monos


Katie Mann, MSc, Director of Amigos de los Monos



Katie Mann
Pavones de Golfito
Putarenas, Costa Rica

Photo: Katie Mann and a dog (who wishes to remain anonymous) stop at a waterfall in the project area. Katie covers miles on foot every day in her efforts to protect the monkeys and help the people of the northern Punta Burica save their natural resources from poaching and logging.




William M. Patterson



Tel: 919-663-3173

William is eager to talk to interested people about how they can join the conservation effort on the front lines in southwestern Costa Rica. There are probably only thirty spider monkeys left there. It's not too late to make a difference, and it won't take a lot of money, just dedication and enough funds to help the indigenous people gain power over their own resources. Call him (evenings are best) for more information.

Update: June 1, 2009: William is in Pavones, Costa Rica. The contact information above will still reach him.

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