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II Symposium of Costa Rican Primates: National Strategy for their Conservation

In late July of 2007, the second symposium regarding the primates of Costa Rica and the national strategy for their conservation was held at the University of Costa Rica in San Ramon, Costa Rica.  The symposium was organized by experts from Universidad de Costa Rica- Sede de Occidente (UCR-SO-PIBP), Universidad Nacional (UNA) and Universidad de Ciencias Médicas (UCIMED), including Ronald Sanchez Porras (general coordinator), Gustavo Guiterrez Espeleta, Grace Wong Reyes, Misael Chinchilla Carmona and Idalia Valerio. 

The symposium included 22 researchers and 35 participants from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and the United States, including Amigos de los Monos director Katie Mann, all of which are developing studies in the country.  The themes of the three-day symposium reflected the interdisciplinary nature of primate conservation, including health, genetics, captive management, rescue centers and conservation education.   The first two days were committed to presentations of field and captive studies with the third day devoted to workshops developing conservation strategies for each theme listed above. 

The symposium provided an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing successes and challenges experienced throughout the country, thus enhancing the ability of each participant to work more efficiently in their respective areas.


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